4 Reasons To See Your Hygienist

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should See Your Hygienist


It’s common for patients to consider visits to the hygienist as a chore, and some people fail to book a hygienist appointment for years at a time. However, far from being an unnecessary inconvenience, hygienist visits can actually have a significant impact on your oral health. Four reasons why you should book your next hygienist appointment include:


  1. Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems faced by patients today. The cause of bleeding gums, bad breath and loose teeth, gum disease can be treated simply and effectively with the help of a hygienist’s thorough cleaning procedure and advice. However, if you fail to ensure your teeth are kept clean and healthy, gum disease can cause teeth to fall out and gums to become infected.


  1. Whiter Teeth

The number of teeth whitening products on the market increases daily as more and more consumers seek a Hollywood smile. However, a trip to the hygienist for a thorough clean can result in a whiter smile in minutes, as well as excellent professional advice that can help keep it white in the future.


  1. Prevent Infections and Disease

Hygienists are not only qualified to clean your mouth, but also to identify any anomalies and help advise on any obvious issues before they develop. This can result in patients catching issues early and preventing both the pain and expense that is often associated with infection and disease in the mouth.


  1. Improving Confidence

A healthy, bright smile is one of the biggest factors behind confidence and self-esteem. By visiting the hygienist regularly, you can feel like you’re taking care of your mouth and ultimately have a smile to be proud of.


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