Why Straight Teeth Can Build Confidence (and Keep Teeth Clean)

Why Straight Teeth Can Build Confidence and Further Improve Keeping Your Teeth Clean


Having straight teeth has long been a sign of beauty and confidence, but achieving straight teeth can feel daunting. Of course, with modern techniques and equipment it’s now easier than ever to achieve a perfect smile, but understanding the reasons why you will benefit from straight teeth could pursue you that it’s right for you. Invisalign in Cardiff - Dental Implants in Cardiff - Invisible Braces in Cardiff - Cosmetic dentist Cardiff - Invisalign in Newport

Building Your Confidence


The number one reason why many opt to have braces and similar treatments is on the grounds that they hope to grow in confidence. Straight teeth are considered by many to be more attractive, and if you feel this way it’s possible a crooked smile could lead to reduced confidence and self-esteem.

By choosing to have teeth straightening treatments such as braces and aligners you could quickly feel your smile brighten and your confidence grow. This is particularly the case for those who choose modern straightening techniques such as Invisalign, which provide an almost invisible treatment ideal for those who would be embarrassed by metal braces.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy


Believe it or not, but straight teeth are actually healthier than crooked teeth. Typically, straight teeth suffer from fewer cavities and issues with plaque and are less likely to show discolouration or uneven wear. Gums can be healthier too, so you’re less likely to suffer from gum disease.

The main reason straight teeth are often healthier is that they are easier to clean. Whether you’re brushing, flossing or rinsing with mouthwash, having straight teeth can help you achieve an even clean that prevents any issues developing. Crooked teeth are also more likely to have unreachable sections, such as areas where teeth grind together, which can help prevent debris from becoming trapped in your teeth.


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