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Unlike traditional braces, Clear Braces takes an average of just six months to straighten and correct teeth. Fast and painless, this revolutionary technique provides safe teeth straightening using wires and attachments to speed up the process and gently move teeth into the correct position.

Many patients are also deterred from choosing to straighten their teeth due to the procedure's association with a large number of unsightly wires. As well as being a faster alternative, Clear Braces / Six Month Smiles removes any concerns patients may have about their appearance, providing the same results using almost invisible braces that are difficult to spot unless close up.

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Are Clear Braces / Six Month Braces right for me?

Clear Braces is a great tooth straightening choice for a wide range of patients of almost any age. Designed to straighten crooked, spaced or misaligned teeth, the technique is ideal for improving cosmetic appearance without making a major change to the position of the patient’s bite. Easy to fit, the braces are also a good choice for anxious patients who are hoping to avoid excessive dental treatments.

However, Clear Braces isn't ideal for everyone, and some patients may find the procedure doesn't provide the right results for them. Most notably, the procedure only tackles the front teeth, so patients hoping to straighten their whole smile may find this is not the right option for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although teeth straightening is often associated with children and teenagers, Dental Smile treatment is ideal for adults who wish to adjust crooked teeth. Not only can the treatment improve the appearance of your smile, but it can also help build confidence and boost self-esteem, making it the ideal choice ahead of a wedding, interview or holiday.<

As with many teeth straightening treatments, Dental Smile can result in changes to your speech while you adjust to wearing braces. However, this change is temporary and usually subsides within just a couple of weeks.

As the name suggests, Six Month Smiles aims to have your teeth straightened in just six months. However, due to the unique circumstances of each patient, some will find their treatment will only take four months, while others may require up to nine months of treatment.

Initial Consultation Free
Teeth Whitening Worth £180 Free
Full Exam Inc Oral Cancer Screening Worth £40 Free
12 Months After Care Free

We provide various payment options to suit everyone's budget. This makes 6 Month Smiles an affordable option that is available to all.

  1. 0% APR up to 1 year
  2. 9.9% APR up to 5 years
  3. 25% deposit and pay-as-you-go
  4. 100% payment with 5% discount

  • Healthier Gums With Easier to Clean Teeth
  • Improved Confidence in Your Smile and Life
  • No More Shy Pictures With Closed Lips
  • Improve Career and Life Progressionfordable as possible.
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