Tips for Choosing the Perfect Dental Implant Expert

The first step to having a successful dental implant is to find the right experienced dentist. You know, someone who is licensed, experienced, highly recommended, and who understands your specific needs. The expert should also have education specific to implants and should be able to advise you on the procedure best suited for you.


Here are tips to choosing the right dental implant expert.

#1: Registered

The first thing to check is if the dentist is a registered dentist and the dental practice has been approved by the CQC as well as the General Dental Council. When a dentist is registered it means they have gone through a vetting process before they are allowed to practice. While this a fundamental point, it is not the only thing to consider. You still need to scrutinize further to know if the expert is right for you.

#2: Education and Experience

Before you can allow any dentist to place a dental implant for you, try to find out if they have specific training in that field. They must have at least 300 hours or more of continuing education or a postdoctoral that is connected to implant dentistry. Focus your search on oral surgeons and periodontists who have advanced training. Experience is also vital in making your decision. Ask the expert how many times they have performed dental implant procedures just to be sure and safe. Ask for before and after photos or videos, and other information to confirm their claims.

#3: Ask for Personal Testimonies 

If the dental practice or dental implant expert have done successful implants in the past, then they must have clients who are living testimonies of their efficiency. Check online Google or Facebook reviews of what other past clients have said about the dentist. If it is pleasant, it means you’re also going to have a successful implant without complications.

#4: Interview Other Staff

Your first point of call is the reception where you get to meet the non-medical staff of the clinic. It is also a superb opportunity to scrutinise the institution you’ll be committing your body for surgery. Ask the assistants and receptionists about simple implant procedure issues like how long it takes, the steps they take, and how they work. If the clinic does a lot of implants, they will definitely know. If they continue to refer you to the dentist for these simple questions, then you should be wary.

#5: Who Will Be Delivering the Procedure?

During the consultation ask the dentist who precisely will be performing the dental implant on you. Sometimes, people go to dental clinics and talk to a highly experienced dentist, surgeon, or specialist and assume that is the person who will be performing the procedure. Then they get to the clinic on the day of the procedure only to find out the junior staff will be doing the implant. Don’t ever assume, be sure. It’s your right.


Getting dental implant can change your life. There are risks of complications everywhere due to procedures are done by inexperienced dentists. Make sure anyone working on your teeth is licensed, qualified, certified, and has many years of experience.

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