How Invisalign Impacts More Than Just Your Teeth

Visible improvements are not all that matters in Invisalign. It is quite a bit ironic to see that such a great product that has made bounds and leap in orthodontics, is advertised in Cardiff using such slight principles.

The convenience of being able to eat candy while your teeth are straightened or about giving a strong, amazing smile while posing for the camera is not all that matters.

Apart from the convenience or near invisibility, the following are good reasons why you should use Invisalign.

#1: Jaw, facial and neck pain can be fixed using Invisalign

Not only can people that suffer from the effect if grinding and facial muscles benefit from a better bite, but also wearing an aligner for several months can also be an added benefit. Wearing an Invisalign aligner is a good way to counter the muscles associated with grinding thus relieving TMD symptoms.

#2: Gum positioning and better bone architecture.

A better tooth positioning can lead to gum positioning and better bone architecture, which in turn improves a self-maintaining mode good for oral health. It is not all about what is happening on the surface.

Once the teeth are not well aligned but crooked, the bone giving support to the tooth is crooked as well, making things more complicated. This is called bone architecture, and without a proper bone architecture, it is impossible to enjoy tooth health and a good gum.

#3: Helps to avoid food impaction.

Misaligned teeth can suffer from food impaction, thereby making it difficult to floss and brush well. Whenever teeth do not fit up tightly among each other, it becomes possible that during every meal, a piece of vegetable or stringy meat can get trap in between the teeth, and can remain there until whenever it is removed by floss.

Such a condition is referred to as food impaction and can cause great damage to the teeth and gums. The food gets trap in the misaligned teeth, enabling the bacteria to feast on it. Encouraging the growth of these bacteria within your mouth would lead to accelerated gum recession, resulting in mouth pains.

#4:  Better speech and pronunciation.

The ability to be able to pronounce words correctly is greatly determined by your teeth position. Invisalign has been able to fine-tune the speaking voices of patients in the voice over, movie, comedy, and also the music industry. For instance, if you have longer upper front teeth or you have an open bite, you are likely to have difficulties or lisp when pronouncing some particular words.

#5: More efficient and shorter dental cleaning.

Properly align teeth tend to be more self-maintaining or more self-cleaning. The hygienist can clean them easily, and they can also be floss easily. Unlike crooked and misaligned teeth that are very difficult to clean. For instance, whenever teeth are crowded and twisted.

The hygienist instrument meant for treatment is automatically made irrelevant, thus, giving bacteria the ability to escape being removed during the process of cleaning. Whereas when teeth are properly aligned using Invisalign aligners such problem won’t exist.

You stand a great chance to lots of benefits with Invisalign, even far more than the usual visible benefits that it has always been known for.

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