Booking Botox or Fillers Treatment? Why You Shouldn’t Visit The Salon

Botox and Dermal Fillers are increasingly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the UK. The treatments have become so popular that many salons and beauty outlets on high streets around the country have begun rolling out their own Botox and Fillers services. This can be extremely tempting, especially since most of the treatments seem to always have an offer or limited time discount.

However, specially qualified practitioners are the only people able to give certified Injectable beauty treatments so why are salons now able to? If you’re considering booking a Botox or Fillers treatment through a beauty salon, there are several things you should consider;

Botox Treatments

You must remember that Botox treatment is classed as a medical procedure and therefore it must be carried out by a trained medical professional in a professional medical environment. Doctors and dentists who can carry out the treatments have been highly trained in how to effectively administer the injections in the safest way possible, minimising the risk of mistakes and errors.

With this information, here are a couple of questions you can ask yourself before booking a treatment.

Is the Building Licensed?

If you’re planning to use a salon for your Botox or Fillers treatment, ask whether the building is a medically registered building. If it is, this means that your treatment will be carried out in a safe environment that has been evaluated and certified as having the correct tools and equipment for your procedure.

If it’s not, you have no idea on the condition of the needles and the hygiene standards that are in place. These can cause, sometimes very severe, problems to your body and your health.

Is the Person Qualified?

Injectable beauty treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers, are medical procedures and should always be carried out by a medical professional. If you’re booking an appointment in a salon, ask about the beauty technician who will be carrying out the treatment.

Are they fully qualified to give you Botox injections? What kind of experience and training have they had to carry out these procedures? If you book with a certified doctor or dentist, they will openly tell you all the training they have had, explaining that they are qualified.

What Products Are Being Used?

It’s required by medical practices that real Botox or Dermal Fillers, the medical grade version of the product, must legally be tracked and can only be sold by certified and licensed suppliers and healthcare companies. If you plan to book through a salon, ask them where they purchased their Botox injections or their Dermal Filler products.

If the salon is operating legitimately, they will happily show you their proof of purchases and explain their connections with certified suppliers, as would a qualified practitioner.

It’s also important to note what the salon will do in case anything goes wrong. Are they liable and will they actively help you with medical treatment if something wrong does happen? Or will you be left to deal with it on your own?

Does the Price Seem Right?

To conclude our list, when booking your treatment at a salon, are you receiving a discounted price? Real and certified Beauty Injectable treatments are monitored and charged at a set rate by the healthcare suppliers, meaning everybody pays the same rate.

It’s extremely unlikely that a beauty salon will be able to supply these real products at a discounted rate so it’s worth asking to be sure where the products come from. If the products have been purchased online, there’s no way of telling whether the product is fake and could even cause potential harm to your skin and body.

Only legal prescribers such as Dentists can purchase directly from pharmacies as prescribers in bulk, therefore receive discounts. A salon is unable to prescribe therefore not obtain products from Pharmacies.

Only legal prescribers such as Dentists can purchase directly from pharmacies as prescribers in bulk, therefore receive discounts. A salon is unable to prescribe therefore not obtain products from Pharmacies.

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