Smile Makeovers


Smile Makeovers

No matter what your dental background, we can restore your smile

Smile makeovers’ is a term used to describe the process of working with a dentist to achieve the smile of your dreams. As part of the process, you will meet with your dentist to discuss your issues and find out what different treatments could be right for you.

smile makeovers

Smile makeovers

smile makeovers

I'm I Suitable For a Smile Makeover?

As part of a smile makeovers, you’ll discuss a variety of different treatment types, ranging from full teeth straightening with Dental Invisalign to teeth whitening, and everything in between. You may choose a single treatment to help improve your smile, or you may want to combine treatments to produce a full smile makeovers plan and achieve flawless results you can be proud of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a smile makeover a one-off treatment plan or a long-term process?

Both! We provide the treatments that will help you achieve your perfect smile, no matter what they are. It could be you simply want one-off teeth whitening or you may require regular wrinkle reduction and long-term teeth straightening.

Can I get a discount on my smile makeover?

We offer up to 20% discount on our treatments as part of our Laffan Dental Care plans, all of which offer additional check-ups and hygienist appointments as standard.

Will a smile makeover change my life?

We certainly believe so. Having your dream smile can help you become more confident, encouraging you to believe in yourself and feel proud of your appearance.


We provide various payment options to suit everyone's budget. This makes having a Smile Makeover, an affordable option that is available to all.

1) 0% APR up to 1 year
2) 9.9% APR up to 5 years
3) 10% Discount for Dental Plan members

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