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Invisalign® Braces | Over 12 million smiles straightened around the world

Invisalign Braces is a revolutionary teeth-straightening treatment that provides the same effects as conventional ‘train track’ braces while remaining discrete and convenient and we're proud to offer this adult brace to the people of Blackwood, Cardiff, Newport and more.

The main benefit of Invisalign Braces is the clear flexible plastic used to create the brace, which is almost invisible to others. This can boost self-confidence and make straightening a viable option for patients who might otherwise be nervous about straightening their teeth.

Dental Invisalign adult braces

Invisalign Braces

Teeth Straightening

Confidence In Your Smile with Invisalign Braces

Another benefit of an Invisalign Braces is the convenient treatment programme, which means they can be removed during eating, drinking and brushing for a total of around two hours per day. This can also help patients who wish to remove braces during important meetings or even wedding photos, and can now do so without affecting their treatment plan. Learn more about how Invisalign works.

Invisalign Braces | Frequently Asked Questions

Invisalign Braces | How long do these braces take to work?

The amount of time Invisalign straightening takes depends on how much your teeth need to be moved. However, the average case takes around 12 months.

Invisalign Braces | Do I need to take care of my aligners?

Yes, you should make sure you carefully clean your aligners using a rinsing technique and Retainer Brite tablets.

Invisalign Braces | Will I need a retainer after my treatment is complete?

Most dentists recommend the use of a retainer once the treatment is complete in order to reduce the chance of teeth moving back into their original position. We also highly recommend having a retainer at the end of treatment to prevent relapse.

We Also Offer 0% Interest-Free Finance Options!

Use our finance facility to cover the cost of general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Initial Consultation
3D Clincheck Smile Simulation
Teeth Whitening Worth £180
Dental Hygiene Session Worth £40
Full Exam Inc Oral Cancer Screening Worth£40
12 Months After Care


We provide various payment options to suit everyone's budget. This makes Invisalign an affordable option that is available to all.

1) 0% APR up to 1 year
2) 9.9% APR up to 5 years
3) 50% deposit with 2 further payments of 25%
4) 100% payment with 5% discount

Invisalign Braces | Benefits

  • Healthier Gums With Easier to Clean Teeth
  • Improved Confidence in Your Smile and Life
  • No More Shy Pictures With Closed Lips
  • Improve Career and Life Progressionfordable as possible.

See Your Future Smile Within 20 Minutes!

At Laffan Dental Care, we are one of the few dental practices in the UK that has an Invisalign 3D iTero scanning machine. This allows us to use this 3D technology to show you what your smile may look like at the end of your Invisalign treatment before you even begin treatment!

The technology also doesn't require taking messy molds of your teeth using plasticine like material, instead, we simply scan with a 3D scanner and send your scan directly to Invisalign, saving time on getting started with Invisalign as well as giving you a much-improved experience.

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