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You don't have to live life with missing teeth or embarrasing dentures anymore

  • Permanent Solution
  • Eat the foods you enjoy
  • German quality implants

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Every smile tells a story

One of lovely clients who had enough of living with an embarrasing smile and wanted to enjoy life

Dental implants can help you with;

  • Mising Teeth
  • Loose Dentures
  • Problems With Crewing
  • Failing Bridge
  • Recently Extracted Teeth
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Confidence With Eating Out
  • Loose Teeth
  • Improveing Smile & Confidence

Your safety comes first

  • 5 years guarantee with all dental implents
  • German quality dental implants
  • Experienced award winning dentists
  • Hundreds of dental implants placed to date
  • Advanced Dental Implants Qualified Dentists
  • Established for over 30+ years
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What other clients like you have to say

I was frightened to death of the dentist ever since I was small, used to stand outside Laffan dentist and phone to say couldn't make it but Martin & Carole & Guy have shown me nothing to be frightened of wish I found them sooner. The best thank you xx

| Lesley Morris

Guy is brilliant. So glad I found him he has done a wonderful job on my implants. His approach and the way he deals with his patient is 110%. Cannot fault him. Thank you, guy and team.

| Jacqueline Chilton


Do I need to use the same oral hygiene routine on my implant?

You should make sure you’re careful to keep your new implant and artificial tooth as clean as your natural teeth. Gum disease is still possible in the local soft tissue and a reduction in bacteria can prolong the life of your implant.

Can everyone have implants?

Implants aren’t right for everyone. Our expert dentists will take you through an assessment procedure before you have implants fitted, which will determine your suitability.

Can implants be used alongside dentures?

Yes. Full dentures can be anchored onto implants to help stabilise them and remove many of their common drawbacks. With the help of implants, you may find it easier to eat and speak with your dentures in place.

What You Receive With Your dental implants Treatment

Initial consultation


Ability to chew again


No missing gaps in your smile


Lifetime solution


Regain taste and smell senses


Confidence to socialise again



We provide various payment options to suit everyone's budget. This makes Dental Implants an affordable option that is available to all.

1) 0% APR up to 1 year
2) 9.9% APR up to 5 years
3) 25% deposit and pay-as-you-go
4) 100% payment with 10% discount

Don't Wait Another Year Contemplating

Dental Implants are a lifetime solution and every day is precious as the last one so don't delay in enjoying life and being able to do things you deserve to be doing.

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  • Established for over 30 years
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Guy is the Welsh representative of the Association of Dental Implantology (ADI) and a member of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (BACD). He is on the Phillips key opinion leader team and an associate editor of Dental Town UK – a globally recognized magazine. He plays an active for several magazines and has had many articles punished.

He also sits on the Local dental committee with his parents – helping to advance and improve oral health in and around South Wales. He is also on the committee of the ‘make a dentist’ charity and uses any opportunity possible to fundraise or promote oral health.

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