The what, how and why about Dental Implants

The what, how and why about Dental Implants

Are you tired of worrying about the health of your teeth? Your teeth affect how you look, eat, laugh, talk, kiss, and smile.

These are natural everyday occurrences that we all face in life, and we would all like our teeth to be in top shape when performing all these functions.

Dental implants are the closest thing to having your real teeth, and they allow all of that.

What Are Dental Implants?

dental implantDental implants are a surgical procedure that requires metal pins that serve as tooth roots placed in the jawbone under the gums.

These give your dentist the ability to position new teeth in its place. These new teeth are designed to look like your original teeth and replace ones you might have missing.

There are many reasons it is a good idea to acquire dental implants. Sometimes dentures can be very uncomfortable, and these implants allow for more comfortability.

They also allow you to fill the gap that hides the full potential of your smile. Another important aspect is that dental implants help your other teeth remain in good shape and in position.

With proper care, your implants can last your entire lifetime.

What are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

There are many advantages to having dental implants. Unlike dentures, these implants will remain stationary in your mouth. The tedious

chore of glueing them in will not be required.


Implants allow you to feel a natural full mouth of healthy teeth. They are comfortable and undetectable.

With implants in place, they also stop the jawbone from decreasing in size.

When is the last time you could enjoy your smile without having to hide your missing teeth or bother with your dentures?

Am I Capable of getting Dental Implants?

Most of the time any person with good health and good jaw structure can receive a dental implant.

People with sicknesses like leukaemia and diabetes would not likely be good candidates for implants.

These illnesses have the tendency of slowing down the healing process but our team can advise.

After Care of Your Implants

It would be a great investment of time to schedule regular appointments with your dentist to ensure the health of your implant(s).

Your dentist can give you tips about the hygiene of your teeth as well.

He or she may also offer alternative treatment solutions to help hide missing teeth.

Schedule your consultation to explore your dental implant options now by filling our contact form. Alternatively, why not call our friendly team on 01495 224 175 who are waiting to assist you.