Invisalign For Seniors; Is It Too Late?

The general belief of most people about Invisalign braces? That it is only an option for teens and young adults looking to get straight teeth without having to use traditional braces. Even though Invisalign braces are mostly used for such purposes, that doesn’t mean Invisalign braces are not a viable option seniors can consider too.

While several individuals who have spent a large chunk of their lives having crooked teeth might see no need for getting those teeth straight again. If you are a senior and you desire to revive your smile by straightening your crooked teeth, getting Invisalign braces may just be the perfect option for you.

In this article, I will be showing you some things you need to know about Invisalign braces for seniors. And why it’s not too late to get one.

invisalign braces

Will Invisalign braces work for seniors?

Ask many adults of any age why they are shying away from braces and Invisalign. You will discover that it is because they have been told that being an adult, their teeth can no longer move because they are fully set in their jaws. They believed the treatment is only for teenagers. Teenagers whose teeth still have the ability to move and reset to perfect straightness.

The truth is that, regardless of your age, you can get your teeth straightened when the right pressure is applied. Invisalign braces work by putting pressure on your teeth. In such a way that they slowly move, and when you out aligners, that will help put even more pressure on the teeth. And will make them continue to move. Whether you already have relatively straight teeth and only looking to adjust a few of them into a more optimal position or you have all your teeth to be crooked and requires a full treatment, you can always consider Invisalign braces.

It is never too late to have straight teeth. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign braces use clear plastic aligners that makes it possible for you to have straight teeth. And without people noticing it in your mouth. It doesn’t attract attention. Hence, making it super easy for you to get your teeth straightened without being shy of it.


How costly is Invisalign for seniors?

The cost of your Invisalign braces as a senior is going to depend on whether you have a dental plan or not. If you are already retired, there are chances that you no longer have a robust dental plan. Or your plan, in general, doesn’t cover treatments like braces or Invisalign. Because Invisalign treatment is not a very common treatment for seniors but for adolescents and young adults. It simply may not be included in your dental plan.

However, when Invisalign braces are not included in your plan, you should not be scared away from the treatment. Because it won’t cause you to break the bank. It is usually done at affordable cost. Although the cost depends greatly on the length of treatment.


Can seniors get a discount on Invisalign braces?

It is common to see some seniors wonder if they could get a discount on their treatment. If they only want to straighten their lower or upper teeth. The truth is that whether you want only one row or both rows to be straightened, the cost of the treatment will still be the same. Therefore, before you commit yourself to Invisalign treatment for seniors, make sure you speak with your doctor about a payment plan that might make the treatment more affordable for you.


Is Invisalign for seniors a good I should consider?

It is never too late to get those teeth straightened. If that is what you have always wanted. Invisalign braces offer great cosmetic results. Because they don’t require the brackets and wires that often come with traditional braces. It is simply a much discrete way to get straight teeth. With Invisalign braces, it is much easier to get the straighter teeth you have always desire without having to worry about the aesthetics of braces at your older age!

Whether you would like to learn more or you just want to get the treatment. Do not hesitate and contact us. At Laffan Dental Care, we will be more than happy to assist you!