Do Babies Need a Dental Routine?

Do Babies Need a Dental Routine?


Even before your baby develops its teeth, it is necessary for them to maintain a healthy mouth. This is a job for Parents (or carers)!  While using toothpaste or any kind of wash is not needed, it is a good idea to develop the habit of washing your baby’s mouth.  The best technique to use for cleaning the mouth is; wrapping a piece of gauze or a soft wet washcloth around your index finger and gently rubbing your baby’s gums.



childrens dentist cardiff blackwoodAlthough bacteria can’t really harm gums with no teeth, it is difficult to know when the teeth are going to come through and every baby is different so it is best to get started early. Another benefit of starting to clean your baby’s mouth early and doing so regularly is that your child will get used to the routine; this, in turn, will make the move towards a toothbrush much easier for the child and for you.



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Once your baby’s teeth start arriving, it is important to keep them as healthy as possible. Even though baby teeth eventually fall out and are replaced, it is necessary to keep their whole mouth clean and ready. Too much fluoride for a baby’s mouth can have negative effects and so it is recommended to use a tiny sliver of toothpaste; no bigger than a grain of rice. A lot of toothpastes now exist that are specifically made for babies and most of them do not have fluoride.



While brushing your baby’s adorable teeth, make sure to use a small toothbrush with soft bristles and an appropriate grip for your hands, gently rub the paste onto the teeth and gums as well as their tongue (if they let you). Rinsing can be difficult but because you are using a small amount of paste it is not really necessary to rinse.

This simple routine can be followed in the mornings and at bedtime and will ensure that your baby’s oral health is as well maintained as possible.


Need advice?

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