5 Top Foods To Eat During Invisalign Treatment

5 Top Foods You Can Eat During Your  Invisalign Treatment

One of the interesting things about Invisalign is that you are privileged to eat anything you like, unlike braces. This is because the aligners can be easily removed before a meal, and after eating your snack or meal, you simply clean your teeth and get the aligners back on.

Unlike it is in braces, you wouldn’t have to worry about eating some certain foods that could harm your aligners.

However, there are surely going to be some certain types of food that are going to be best for your teeth during the treatment.


Below are 5 of the best foods you can eat while having your Invisalign treatment to enhance teeth health.


#1: Cheese

Cheese does not only contain healthy fat, but it is also rich in calcium, which makes it a great option for supporting teeth health. Cheese, invisalign foodsaccording to various studies, has been found to contain a high proportion of calcium and vitamin D required by your body to effectively utilize the calcium. It also raises the pH of the mouth, making it very inconducive environment for bacteria growth, and thus prevents decay. Chewing cheese also promotes saliva production which further gives protection to the teeth. The protein content of cheese also helps strengthen the enamel of your teeth. So, it is a great food to consider when having your Invisalign treatment.


#2: Yogurt

Just like cheese, yogurt also has lots of dental benefits locked up in it, including rich in calcium and protein levels. This is just the perfect snack for your breakfast as it provides you calcium, protein, and beneficial bacteria floral to help you achieve healthy teeth.  However, watch out for the type of yogurt you will be choosing. Go for the ones that are low extra sugar as this can hinder the effectiveness of the bacteria and protein included in yogurts.


#3: Leafy Vegetables

Actually, greens are great foods to keep your teeth healthy, especially the ones with dark colors. Most vegetables are rich in minerals and vitamins required by your body for stronger bones; I’m sure you remember your teeth is also a bone. Some of these vegetables are kale and spinach. These veggies are also rich in calcium which is required by your body for stronger enamel. Consider including them in your smoothies if you are not a fan of leafy veggies.


#4: Berries

diet bracesAlthough dark berries may contain lots of juice that are capable of staining your teeth if care is not taken, these fruits are also rich minerals and vitamins your mouth needs to remain healthy. Berries are rich in compounds, vitamins, and antioxidants that doesn’t only make it difficult for plaque to attach to your teeth, but also help your body stay generally healthy.


#5: Cucumbers

Cucumber is a fruit that is devoid of that kind of flavor you will see in most fruits, however, the chewing motion that follows eating cucumber is of great benefit for your teeth. Cucumber also has lots of water content in it that keeps your mouth hydrated as you eat. Rather than eating chips or crackers as a snack, you can actually go for cucumbers; they are a great crunchy alternative.


These are just a few of the best foods you can eat while on your Invisalign treatment. But as a quick reminder, you should go for anything that is rich in calcium and protein; they promote teeth health.